a business endeavor that focuses on providing Human Capital Solutions for organizations based in India, having its registered office at Kolkata . With its 50 man years of experience into Human Resources; Finance & General Management at multiple levels in Indian & MNC organizations, has evolved to be one of the best providers of human capital solutions services

Our Notion

We understand that Human Resource is the only important and dynamic factor of production in any business organization. Effective human capital management enhances the work environment and increases the productivity of human resource of the organization. We believe that human resource is the foundation of any great organization; a motivated, well-focused and well-trained human resource aids in attaining societal, organizational and functional objectives. Systematic human capital management develops the quality of life and maintains ethical policies of the organization. Considering the importance of human capital management and contribution of the human resource in the success of any organization,, makes every concerted effort to effectively offer human capital management solutions to its client and help them achieve desirable professional and personal goals

What can we do?

We develops a comprehensive framework and innovative human capital management solutions to increase the efficiency of the human resources for overall prosperity of our clients. We, as human capital management consultants, provide motivated and encouraged human capital through a systematic process of delivering trusted end-to- end HR/IT in Payroll, Staffing (temping), Compliances, Search & Selections (Recruitments) and Training for achieving good results. We have also become a partner by choice for large MNC’s, and SME’s.